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Rates and fees

Understanding Zing's payment fees and limits

Get a full breakdown of Zing’s fees and limits for card payments, adding money, FX transfers, sending international payments and much more.

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Understanding fees and limits

Let’s be honest. Getting your head around fees can be tricky. We all have experiences of scouring the small print for more details on what we’ll be charged, or felt that dreaded moment when you don’t know the fees until it’s too late. 

We’re here to keep things simple. We’re not going to hide fees from you. We want to give you full transparency so you can make money choices that are right for you. Our fees are designed to give you great value and be easy to understand. There are no tiers or subscriptions. But we also know that different people want different things from their international money app. We outline 

So you’re free to move your money with confidence around the world, there are some top-up and transaction limits we need to share with you. There are only a few, and knowing them will make sure you never find yourself short of money, wherever the world takes you. 

We update this page regularly so you’re always informed and in control. 

Fees – A full breakdown 

Zing account

It’s free to open or close your account. There are no monthly fees and no subscription tiers.

Zing’s multi-currency card

Here’s what’s fee-free:

  • Your first physical card

  • Your first card replacement before renewal e.g. if your card is lost, damage or stolen

  • Card renewal due to expiration

  • Checking your balance and transactions in the app

  • Locking and unlocking a card

Fees apply for your second (and more) card replacement before renewal due to expiration – this is £5. 

Card spending

There are no transaction fees when you:

  • Make purchases online and in-person using funds from a wallet that matches the transaction currency. 

We will apply a conversion fee of 0.2% on top of the visa exchange rate when using your card online or in-person for transactions in non-wallet currency.

Adding money  

It’s completely free to add money using these top-up methods:

  • Debit card 

  • Domestic bank transfer 

  • Quick bank transfer (Open banking)

Sending and receiving money

It’s free to: 

  • Send money internationally in the same currency 

  • Send outgoing domestic transfers e.g. when a UK member sends GBP to another GBP account within the UK. 

  • Receive incoming bank payments 

We’ve laid out when these fees apply and how you can view the rates before the payment is made:

Currency conversion (between Zing wallets and with payments involving currency exchange)

Currency conversion fee of 0.2% 

Using your card in a wallet currency when there is insufficient balance, and the rest is automatically taken from another currency wallet that has sufficient funds (we call this FX Sweeping) 

Currency conversion fee of 0.2% will apply 

Using your card for a transaction in non-wallet currency

Currency conversion fee of 0.2% will apply on top of Visa exchange rate


What’s free: 

  • Domestic ATM withdrawals in GBP in the UK

  • Your first international ATM withdrawal each month is fee-free. 

Fees apply: 

  • On your 2nd and more international withdrawal (£2.00 or equivalent in a wallet currency used for transaction)

  • On FX conversions on ATM withdrawals (0.2%)

Know your limits 

Maximum account balance

You can hold up to £40,000 (or currency equivalent) in each of your wallets. 

Adding money

Make sure you don’t fall short by knowing these top-up limits. 

Debit card – single transaction 

£10 – £5,000

Debit card – daily total 

3 top-up transactions 

Debit card – monthly total 

15 top-up transactions (or £50,000 – whichever limit is reached first) 

Quick bank transfer (Open banking) 

No minimum value (Can’t exceed maximum wallet balance of £40,000) 

Bank transfer 

No limit (Can’t exceed maximum wallet balance) 

Card usage limits 

Card payment - contactless, single transaction


Card payment - contactless cumulative within 24h


Card payment per transaction - Chip and PIN, online or Apple/Google Pay


Cash withdrawal per day


Card payment (inc. cash withdrawals) - 7 day rolling period


Currency conversions and payments limits 

Currency conversion - single transaction limit


Payments between MP accounts owned by different users - single transaction limit

No min. value - max. £40,000

Outgoing domestic payments  - single transaction limit

No min. value - max. £40,000

Outgoing international payment - single transaction limit

No min. value - max. £40,000*

*different limits apply to the following currencies:

Hungarian forint: 1Ft

Japanese yen: min. 1¥

Kenyan shilling: min. 5,000KSh

South African rand: min. 125R

Thai baht: min. 500฿

UAE dirham: min. 30Dh

Ugandan shilling: min. 1USh

Czech koruna: max. 1,000,000Kč

Romanian leu: max. 200,000Lei

Indian rupee: min. 200₹ - max 1,500,000₹

Indonesian rupiah: min. 25,000Rp - max 350,000,000Rp

Malaysian ringgit: min. 10.00 RM - max 100,000RM

Philippine peso: min. 100₱ - max 1,300,000₱

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Information correct as of March 2024.

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