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Rates and fees

Zing’s rates and fees: how your money goes even further

As of March 2024, Zing has reduced rates and fees. No transfer fees, no Zing fees for UK ATM withdrawals in GBP, lower 0.2% currency conversion rates.

Zing’s rates and fees announcement

The biggest worry for people who transfer and spend internationally is value for money. We couldn’t agree more.

That’s why as of March 2024, we’ve opted to lower our rates and remove fees for common types of transaction, both at home and abroad. 

You can see exactly what we’ve changed, and more of the small print and conditions in our Fees and Limits, but this article will give a topline rundown of what we’ve changed. Let’s take a look!

About these changes

We’ve introduced three big changes to our pricing to give Zing members more value for their money.

1. Zero international transfer fees

We’ve made the decision to waive transfer fees. This is to help make sending money abroad a less worrying experience as these fees can often vary – and easier on your wallets.

Zero transfer fees apply to all outgoing international payments. 

2. Zero UK ATM fees in GBP

While we already offer one Zing fee-free international ATM withdrawal per month (and 20 to use any time within a one-year period as a reward for Founding Members), we now offer unlimited Zing fee-free withdrawals for domestic UK ATM withdrawals. 

This applies to Zing fees for UK cash withdrawals in GBP. Other ATM fees may still apply.

3. Low 0.2% currency conversion fees

The big one: we’ve cut our currency conversion rates down to 0.2% to make your international transactions consistent and high value. 

We’ve reduced these rates by a whopping 68% on average. (This is the blended average for all Zing currency conversion fees before this price change (0.63%) to the post-price change blended average (0.20%)). 

These fees apply for any currency, for any amount, and on any given day of the week (even weekends and bank holidays). 

For card transactions needing a currency conversion in a currency that Zing doesn’t support a wallet for, we still apply a Visa exchange rate.

Zing believes in value for money

Our changes to fees and rates helps Zing members pay less and keep more of their money. It’s what a world of worry-free money should look like.

If you have any questions about these changes and how they’ll impact your experience, let us know in our Help Centre. Or if you want to take advantage of our new reduced rates and waived fees, simply sign up to Zing on the app store

The Zing Product team