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Zing Rewards: making international money more rewarding

Get more from your international money with Zing rewards. Take advantage of curated offers, prize draws and more to save your money.

Zing Rewards

The wait is over! Rewards are now live in the Zing app. 🎉

Rewards is your way to take advantage of savings on your transactions, whether you’re at home or abroad. Curated offers, brand deals and exclusive prizes are all at your fingertips. 

We’ve got big plans for Rewards to become a can’t-live-without part of your Zing experience. 

So keep an eye on the app over the coming weeks and months for more of them – there’ll be loads of stuff coming that’ll tickle your fancy. 

Oh, and if you want to stay ahead with announcements on our latest offers, don’t forget to opt into our marketing communications from the app.

But for now, let’s talk through the rewards that you can use right away.

Founding Members can claim their reward

First of all, a huge thank you to our Founding Members. We’ve moved fast to get Zing out into the world – and your feedback, testing and patience with us in our early days before and after our launch has meant everything to us. 💚

To say thanks, we’re giving you an exclusive choice of reward. You can choose between two great money-saving rewards:

Exchange up to £1,000 and pay no conversion fees

Pay no conversion fees on the first £1,000 of foreign exchange transactions between two currencies for one year.

Reward details

Unlimited number of transactions with your £1,000 allowance

The Reward applies to payments from your account, card payments, transfers to third-party accounts, conversions between wallets and ATM withdrawals.

Transfer fees and intermediary bank fees may still apply


Get 20 fee-free international ATM withdrawals

Enjoy Zing fee-free international ATM withdrawals, up to 20 times for one year.

Reward details

You receive 20 fee-free withdrawals you can use any time within one year

There are no Zing fees on international ATM withdrawals (other ATM provider fees may still apply).

Your reward is easy to claim. Head to the Rewards hub from the homepage’s main tabs to make your choice and activate it (but remember, once you make your choice, you’re locked into it!)

The good news is, it’s not too late to become a Founding Member. Spots are filling up fast. Sign up to the Zing app and don’t miss out on this great reward.

What other rewards are there?

Before launching Rewards in the app, over on social media we’ve been sharing Zing members Surprizing Rewards – a regular prize draw that gives lucky members the chance to win exclusive world experiences. 

If you want to see the latest reward, head to this page or find out more on our Instagram and TikTok

There’s more rewards coming soon. We can’t wait to share these with you! 

Let’s just say if you like to save money on your travels and get the chance to win big ticket trips to global events… you’ll want to check out Zing’s marketing channels and Rewards page regularly so you don’t miss out. 🔍

More about our rewards

We built Zing to help more people live their best international lives by giving them more control over how they want to use their money internationally.

Rewards helps you take advantage of ways to save on your international transactions – not only for how to send or spend your money but how you travel, shop, work and live.

Sign up to Zing on the App store and Google Play Store.

The Zing Growth team